Blissfully Domestic Fall Tour of Homes

Blissfully Domestic Fall Tour of Home

Fall is my favorite season.  In Indiana, nearly all the trees change to beautiful shades of orange, red and gold.  My family would go to the local orchard to pick apples and pumpkins while enjoying fresh cider or cider slush.  The air was cool and crisp, and I couldn’t wait to get home to bake pies.

Living in Texas, I don’t get to experience it like that anymore.  Only a few trees change color; most everything stays green.  We pick our pumpkins from a local church that has them shipped in from New Mexico, and though we always have fun and get a great deal on our purchases, it’s just not the same as walking through the patch hunting the perfect pumpkin.  Our apple buying is restricted to HEB or Sam’s Club.  The grocery stores just don’t have the same ambience as an orchard.

So, I change the colors in my home to reflect the season I love so much.  I enjoy Thanksgiving almost as much as Christmas.  Therefore, I decorate for it the day after Halloween and keep it out until the first weekend in December.  Unless my family protests and insists on decorating the tree the weekend after Turkey Day.

I hope you enjoy this brief fall tour of my home.  Be sure to check the other amazing homes featured on Blissfully Domestic.  You will not be disappointed and will definitely be inspired!

Accent table

A few fall flowers and a bird's nest add the simplest touch to this table.


Gourds and mini pumpkins are always a great choice.

Dining table

Simple decor that makes dinner feel special.


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