Christmas Tour of Homes

Nester is one of my favorite mommy bloggers.  Her decorating is inspiring to me especially since she and her family are renters also.  She makes her house her home no matter how long she’s there.

I love her philosophy and motto:  “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” She has helped me get past my issues of things having to be perfect before I decorate.  I’m always worrying about finding something better:  the perfect ribbon, vase, paint color, etc.  You know, the never-ending “what-if” questions.  She has shown me how to use what you have for Christmas and so much more!

This December she hosted a Christmas Tour of Homes for all us mommy bloggers who wanted to share our decorations.  Enjoy all the wonderfully and beautifully, but not perfectly decorated homes this season.


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  1. i like your blog mom its cute

    i love you so much

    two gallons of kisses and 5 barles of hugs

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