Getting Organized for a Move

My family and I have been consumed with all things moving related since the beginning of 2010.  We found out after Thanksgiving that we would be moving back to DFW.  Our last two moves took place in three weeks, so having two months was novel.  We’ve started searching for a home early, but had a rough time and finally found the right place last Friday.  We’re moving in five days so you can imagine how anxious I was getting.

Michael and I have moved many times in our fifteen years of married life and always get stressed in the last week because there is so much to pack.  I have issues with keeping things (read: pack rat) like old magazines (we’re talking issues from 5 or 10 years ago…it’s a sickness, I know), memorabilia, etc.  Being a scrapbooker makes this especially hard.  I’m a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator so I have a great deal of stamping supplies as well.

Oftentimes, there were boxes filled with all kinds of stuff that appeared to be thrown in at the last minute.  I’ve gone through too many boxes of old magazines, school papers, forgotten photos (some ruined) after we arrive at a new place.  Then I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t complete the task and the box stays packed til our next move.

Determined to get organized during this move, the last two months have been spent packing  and storing boxes in the garage.  I’ve been able to objectively part with a great deal of magazines, papers and books.  (I actually plan to take the books to a local resale shop to support my growing obsession with vampire novels.)  If I know they are going to a good home, I can part with them more easily.

My sweet husband has helped me better organize my crafting paraphernalia by purchasing several totes and a label maker.  I was label maker crazy right after Christmas.  I had the presence of mind to stop before labeling my family and the pets.

The game room in our new home will actually be my office/craft space.  I’ll be sharing it with my sweet girl because she designs clothes and sews.  There’s plenty of space for us to make a mess while our creative juices are flowing and no one has to see it because it is the only room upstairs.

Being organized before moving has relieved a great deal of stress.  There is a place for everything and everything will be in it’s place.  It will allow me to set up our home faster than ever, keep my children on task for homeschooling, and it will afford me more time and space to be creative and work my business.

How do you prepare for a move?  Do you throw it all in a box and sort it out later?  Or do you do it like Martha Stewart would?  Share your thoughts, tips, experiences in the comments.


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