Use What You Have Cooking: An Experiment

You’ve heard of use what you have decorating?  Well, this will be an experiment in use what you have cooking.

Michael and I decided to see what we can create from the items in our pantry and freezer without buying much of anything  (besides produce, a few staples and soy milk) until it’s all gone.  This is a bit foreign to me because I like to have my pantry stocked, but I’m all for new adventures especially in the kitchen.

Having recently gone vegetarian–on our way to vegan–we bought lots of whole grains, legumes, and pasta on our last trip to my absolutely favorite grocery store.  They have thousands of items in bulk so I can purchase just a cup of something if that’s all I need and spend pennies on a meal.

I also have my staples on hand that I use in nearly everything I cook:  extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, kosher salt and pepper.  If that was all I ever had to use, I’d be perfectly content.  They are must-haves for every kitchen.  I have plenty of other spices, oils and vinegars that are my staples as well:  ginger and curry powder for my Asian and Indian creations; sesame seed oil for drizzling over stir-fried veggies and rice; red wine vinegar for quick & easy salad dressing.

So, tomorrow begins my endeavor to eat every meal at home and get creative with my pantry’s offerings.  Look for easy (and mostly quick) recipes every day this week.


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