Use What You Have Cooking (UWYHC): Day One

Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil & Pine Nuts

So, here we are with Day One of Use What You Have Cooking.  For the sake of brevity, it will be referred to as UWYHC.  I will also post the day, since this is an experiment in how long I can go using only what is in my pantry, fridge, freezer or on my counter.

Needing to use up my lovely cherry tomatoes before they turned into fluorescent-light-dried tomatoes, I decided to make a quick and easy pasta dish. Those have always been my favorite tomato.  I loved eating them straight from the garden when I was little. That has carried over to my adulthood.  They are juicy and sweet and just perfect for this meal.

First, fill a large pot with water and get it to boiling.  When it does, throw in the spaghetti.  I used thin spaghetti which takes about five minutes to cook.  Very Rachael Ray of me, huh?!

While the water is boiling, drizzle olive oil in a large skillet that’s been preheated.

Thinly slice one or two cloves of garlic and quarter the tomatoes.

Add the sliced garlic to the preheated pan and stir.  Let the garlic cook until you can smell all it’s garlicky goodness.

Toss in the tomatoes as well as the basil and 1/4 cup of white wine.  Be sure you’re wearing an apron or you’ll be wearing the juice and oil instead.  It gets pretty sassy when you add the liquid to the hot oil.  I typically use a dry wine like Chardonnay, but last night all I had was a Moscato by Barefoot.  It’s a sweet wine that’s great to sip chilled, on it’s own, but it worked in this recipe.

The pasta should be ready; add it to the skillet, drizzle a bit of olive oil and gently toss.

Add some more basil, the pine nuts and salt; toss again.

Then serve on a fancy-shmancy platter or out of the skillet.  That’s usually how I serve dinner, but I’ve been trying to make meal times more special for my family.  I mean, why else do I have all these beautiful serving pieces from Southern Living at Home?  Besides, to sit and look pretty.

I also served a side of steamed cauliflower.  This was cooking while I made the pasta.  I topped it with a few pats of butter, then salt and pepper.  Probably sounds weird to have with pasta, but I love steamed veggies.  Plus I needed to cook it before it turned into a whole different experiment in the fridge.




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3 responses to “Use What You Have Cooking (UWYHC): Day One

  1. Crystal Malek

    Yum! I soooo love those little tomatoes. We eat them like candy over here. Wouldn’t have thought to toss the wine in, great idea! I like you referring to the splattering as “sassy.” 🙂 And I’m a big Moscato fan. Thanks for posting this easy, yummy recipe! I may do this week!

  2. Thanks Crystal! I forgot the recipe so I’m adding it in a new post. Hope you get to try it and that it turns out.

  3. Alright, that looks REALLY good… and I have that cookbook but find it overwhelming – there’s SO much in it. I love this concept. Bravo – very anti-consumeristic, which is fabulous!
    Cass @ Unplug Your Family

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