It’s Tuesday?! It Must Be Taco Night!

Since we moved back to our favorite area of Texas, we have visited this restaurant chain almost once a week.  It’s the best  Mexican fast food chain out there!

And while we’re on the subject, Taco Bell is not Mexican food.

This place grills their steak and chicken over mesquite wood; you can smell it when you get out of your car.  Even though I don’t eat it anymore (maybe a little bite off my sweet girl’s plate), it still delights my nasal passages.  I greatly enjoy the fragrance of burning mesquite.

The tortillas are made fresh constantly and you can watch ’em make ’em.  They have a free salsa bar with varieties for every taste bud…those that can handle spicy and those that can’t.  And they have good sweet tea.  In Texas this is important.

It’s like Dr. Pepper.  Every restaurant in Texas serves Dr. Pepper.  I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a law.  And sweet tea must be part of that beverage law because I have yet to find a restaurant that does NOT serve sweet tea.

This makes me very happy!

Tuesday nights also make me happy cause momma doesn’t have to cook.  Taco Night means you get three tacos (soft or crispy, chicken or beef), beans, rice and two fresh tortillas for $3.69.  Yes, you read that right.  $3.69!!  Makes you wanna move to North Texas, doesn’t it?!

If I can get my kids to cooperate with me, we get out of there for under twenty bucks.  This is a big deal when you have two teenagers who are perpetually hungry.

So, I’m sorry you have no recipe from my Use What You Have Cooking arsenal. It’ll be back on Thursday.  I’m taking a fast from most technology tomorrow.  Look up National Facebook Fast on facebook.  You’ll see what craziness I agreed to participate in.

I’m off to eat tacos!

Buenos noches!


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