2011 Goals for Our Home

“Do you have goals for your home?”

I was recently challenged and inspired by this question from Nester, one of my favorite bloggers.  I have goals for myself every January, but I’d never really thought of having goals for my home.  Until I realized I have, but never called it that.  I just made it part of my personal goals.

So, here are my goals for our home this year.  Some are practical; some are relational.

1.  Decide where to make our home.

We have 24 days to decide whether or not we are moving again.  We are renting our home and need to let the owners know our intentions by the end of the month. While we’re not moving across the state, we’re contemplating moving across the metroplex so my sweet hubby doesn’t have an hour and a half commute anymore.

Plus, we want to reduce our expenses by $400.  When we moved into this house last February, we had to increase what we were willing to pay because we were finding nothing.  We got this house two weeks before my husband was to start his new job.  Way too close for comfort!  But we trusted the Lord to provide the right place at the right time.  And He did.  Now, we’re  praying for the right place at the right time for the right price.  We desire to be good stewards of the money He provides.

2.  No matter where we are it will be home.

All this moving around and with a little help from the Nester (okay, a lot) has made me realize I cannot, and should not, wait around for the perfect house to make it a home.

Sure, I want it to be beautiful and well decorated.  But I want more.  I want our home to always be a place of love, togetherness and peace.  Sometimes in our busyness we forget to slow down and rest in each other’s company or have fun.  When we have disagreements we forget to be loving and respectful, and peace is absent.

As a wife and mother, I know I set the tone of our home.  And I want my family and all who enter to feel love and peace and to know it is a house of the Lord.

3.  Make healthy and inexpensive meals.

In our quest to pay off debt and save for a house, we need to be mindful of our expenses.  I can’t believe how much money we spend on food especially when we decide to eat out.  And often that decision is made because we’re tired and feel like we don’t have time.

So we stop at a fast food place or sit-down restaurant and consume more calories than we need.  I’m convinced eating out too often will make you fat.

I plan to utilize my crock pot much more in making one dish meals and soups.  I also plan to do more freezer cooking.  I will stick to my weekly shopping trips and get back to our $50 per week budget.

4.  Grow my own garden.

Doing this will, hopefully,  reduce our grocery budget and waste.  I hate when I buy produce then forget about it and find a nasty, green, moldy mess.  Eating at home for most of our meals and growing my own vegetables that I can pick when I need them should eliminate that problem.

5.  Make window “mistreatments”.

Because I don’t have any and I’m tired of naked windows and mini blinds.  I love Nester’s window mistreatments and I am inspired at how easy they are to make.

6.  Organize, organize, organize!

This goal is always on my list and probably always will be.  I think I can always find ways to improve my organizational skills.  I’ve “come a long way, baby” in my clutter issues.  Really, ask my husband.

Fifteen years ago our dining room table was constantly covered in piles.  I’m sure he was worried about the woman he married.  I’m sure he’s thankful I got better rather than worse.  Now it’s only occasionally covered in piles.  I also have my own office/craft room so that helps.

My goal in being more organized this year though revolves around my family and that goal of having a peaceful home.  I have taught my family to rely on me too much and then I resent it.  That is not fair to them or me.  I’m using Mabel’s Labels to help me in this area so my family can find what they need without hollering for my help.

Well, there you have it, my home goals that also appear to be personal.  I have many more of those which I plan to write about later.

What are your goals for your home this year? Head over to The Nester’s place to see hers and many others.




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  1. Good luck with the garden! My husband and I started to grow our own vegetables last year and it was great, and pretty easy! I highly recommend cherry tomatoes. They grow like crazy and are absolutely delicious!

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