This Is a Little Late

I know Christmas is over, but I spent time decorating our rental and taking pictures with the plan of posting them here.  Time got away from me and I didn’t get to participate in the Christmas Tour of Homes 2010.

So, who cares if Christmas was here and gone?  It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll inspire someone. Maybe not.



My sweet girl, who loves to decorate at Christmas, put this little village on our mantel.  I wasn’t too thrilled about the Marsh store, but she and Michael thought it was a must.  We found some wax snow I bought from a store called Illuminations before it went out of business last year.  She used that and cotton balls to put snow on everything.  She and her brother also made mini gingerbread houses the day after Thanksgiving while Michael and I shopped.

She made little foam and glitter figurines I got from Jo-Ann’s at 40% off right before Thanksgiving.  There was a polar bear, penguin and snowman in the kit for $1.79!  Fun, easy and quick project for your kids.


We found this Texas ornament at Macy’s and purchased several for family and friends.

My sweet girl also decorated the tree in our family room because none of really were in the mood that night.  She was anxious to get it done a few days after Thanksgiving.  While I cleaned up after dinner, she and Michael put the lights on and she did most everything else.  Her big brother helped a little.  A very little.

However, he did paint some ornaments (like this snowman) we found for a dollar each at Jo-Ann’s.  I had a coupon for 25% off everything I purchased.

My sweet girl painted this dog bone for her cute Shih Tzu, Harley.

This Christmas I was focused on having a touch of Christmas in almost every room.  I wanted to keep it simple.  And, of course, my daughter wanted to help.  We both love to use ornaments to fill baskets and bowls and anything else we choose.  She made this for the bathroom she and her brother share.  Simple yet pretty.

I threw a tablecloth over this decorator’s table, then shopped my home to see how I could adorn it.  The angel just wasn’t sitting right on top of the tree in our living room, so I set it aside.  I was excited to find a place for it.  Going with the blue theme, I used the candle from my mantel.  Then I added this artificial white poinsettia that I got for $2 at Michael’s.  It was on sale and yes, I had a coupon.

Here are a couple of simple over-the-door decorations I put together, mostly because the loops on the bow were floppy and wouldn’t hang right.  But it looked nice once I added the metal Joy decoration.  The snowman door hanger was a cute addition to our pantry door.  Plus, I always knew who was sneaking a treat.

While we had several Christmas trees throughout our home, I did not remember to take pictures of them.  The tree at the beginning of this post is my real Noble fir.  I have wanted one of those for years and my sweet hubby got me one.  It was between 8 and 9 feet tall!!  That was my tree and it was decorated my way, meaning there were no colored lights.

The kids had mini trees in their rooms.  I also put a 3 foot tree in our guest room.  I let the kids decorate these so, of course, they used multicolored lights.  They’re just not my favorite lights to use.  I got all those trees for,  you guessed it, 50% off.

I also had a small white tree for my kitchen; I got it at Borders for 50% off.  I planned to put more ornaments on it and add some ribbon, but was too tired to finish decorating,.  The next morning I loved the simplicity of it and left the tree as is.

This is one of my new angels.  Isn’t she beautiful?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my home.  I promise to have this year’s Christmas decor posted before Christmas.




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