Post a Day in 2011

I’m posting once a day in 2011. A friend recently invited me to attend a week-long fiction writing class that starts in February.  In her words, she thinks I “would be great!” and that makes me feel good.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for professionals to critique my writing.

I realize some of you may be professional bloggers and may leave comments critiquing my writing, but it’s a whole different ball of wax to pay someone to do that.  I’m not ready for that kind of rejection right now.  I can’t delete them at will if they shred my work.

Posting once a day is quite a challenge that I am ready to take. Once a week for me is too easy.  I’ve been doing that semi-regularly.  Daily has always been my goal and now I’m acting on it.

I know a few of you, who read regularly, may be feeling skeptical because I’ve been so sporadic for the longest time.  Well, I need to do something for me and this is it.  I hope you will be a source of encouragement along the way.  Let me know what you like.  Those of you who are new, I would like your input as well, but always be respectful or I’ll zap you from my blogging world.

This will surely be interesting, challenging, encouraging, educational, and, hopefully, funny. I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post which has a community of bloggers with similar goals to support and encourage one another.

Writing has always been emotional, yet also a great stress-reliever…like a best friend.  One who doesn’t judge, yet is always black and white.  One who allows me to be brief or go on and on.  To yell or laugh; to curse or bless.




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