National Organization Month

I bet you were thinking I was gonna miss a day in my Post A Day promise.  Well, I thought I was too.  I was feeling quite run down today, then I helped my children with their Math.  I do not recommend this prescription.

I homeschool my two teenagers and they usually don’t need much help with Math, but some days they do.  This was one of those days.

My son was quite frustrated right off and slammed his hand on the table and shouted at me.  Yes, I kept my cool.  I don’t always, so the fact that I was not feeling good and responded appropriately means I deserve a little recognition for not being the psycho-crazy, scary, screaming mama.


Anyway…I was determined to not give myself an out, because I do that too much and then feel disappointed and depressed and hate myself and my ridiculous proclivity to procrastinate.

While I had a post I was working on thinking it would be published this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it.  That meant I had to come up with a new idea.  But what?!

Then I remembered that January is National Organization Month.  You can figure this out by watching any daytime talk or morning news show this month like  The Nate Berkus Show or the Today Show, my two favorites.

I really enjoy organizing and never seem to have it done.  If you are married and have kids, I’m sure you can relate.  Do you have a cabinet that looks like this?

The top shelf doesn’t look bad, but trust me, most of that stuff doesn’t go there.  I have organized this cabinet three times:  once when we moved in, of course, and twice since then.  I love that my family helps with the dishes, among other household chores, but they seriously need help in keeping it organized.

The same goes for our pantry.

My family must have serious short-term memory loss.  They can’t seem to remember where the chips, pretzels, peanut butter or dog treats go when they get just pulled it off the shelf.  This causes great frustration for this slightly OCD woman.

The cabinets that have stayed organized are the ones I’ve labeled for items like the toaster, cutting boards, or crockpot.  This is my solution.  I’m going to label everything.  EVERYTHING.

Toothbrush?  Labeled.  Towels?  Labeled.  Dog?  Okay, no living creatures.

This means they can’t say, “It’s not mine.”  All I have to do is point to the label and walk away.  Ahhhh….  Rest for mama; work for them.

And this helps me with one of my 2011 goals for our home:  getting my family to rely less on me by easily finding things they need.

One disorganized cabinet that is my fault?  

This is my cosmetics graveyard.  Those two baskets are working well, but that’s it.  I need more baskets for my OPI nail polish, extra body wash, lotions, etc.  So, I’ll be making a trip to IKEA soon.  I love IKEA!!

An entire room that needs help?Do you see all those white magazine holders on my shelves?  IKEA!

This room is not too bad considering we’ve lived here almost a year.  It took me almost three years in our last rental to get semi-organized.  I told myself  it would not take that long this time.  Since it appears we’re gonna stay here til we pay off our debt and save at least 20% for our dream home, I want to get everything done and then simply maintain it.

What will you be working on organizing this month or this year?

Leave me a comment and let me know.  And if you have a blog with a post on this topic, be sure to leave the link to your post in your comment.





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3 responses to “National Organization Month

  1. Oh, can you come over? Please? I have a tupperware drawer that looks like that and the same cosmetic graveyard.

  2. Your pantry looks very organized. I see a lot of seasoning stuff … I am glad you enjoy cooking … well I hope you do

    • Thanks Nabeel! Yes, I enjoy cooking! I enjoy all types of cuisine, and I’m thankful my husband and children are such great eaters! It’s rare that I make something they don’t like.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

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