Organizing Links

After posting some of my cluttered cabinets and rooms yesterday, I thought you’d like to see the sites and blogs I frequent for ideas, tips and inspiration.

  • — a great site for organizing every area of your home, even your refrigerator.  Also great ideas for getting started with freezer cooking.  I created a Household Notebook several years to help keep track of, well, the household.  Cynthia has created all sorts of printables for practically anything you want to keep track for your home.
  • (and the magazine) — another great site, and publication.  I love the simple, clean ideas they show for everything from the kitchen to your closet.
  • — Laurel has lots of great ideas and offers a 10-step program, if you will, for the organizationally challenged called Fresh Start.  She also has a home planner with various printables.
  • — Mandi is the author of Life…Your Way and offers a plethora of information on more than just organizing.  She too has free printables.
  • — Better Homes and Gardens has been around forever.  I receive their magazine every month and also get weekly emails.  I have found great ideas on their site for organizing my craft room.

Some of my favorite stores for organizing my life and home are IKEA and The Container Store.  You can also find great stuff at Target and Walmart or even in your own home if you think outside the box a bit.

Have a great weekend and happy organizing!




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