Blogging Conferences


Opryland Delta Atrium

Blissdom, BlogHer, Relevant…. I’m sure I’m leaving others out, but these are the biggies and the only ones I know about.

Blogging conferences are a great way to meet your favorite bloggers, hear from wonderful speakers who’ve been there..done that, and just get away with other like-minded people.

I would like to go to one of these blogging conferences, but can’t for various reasons.  The most important being I am not independently wealthy.

  1. I totally missed the boat on Blissdom; it’s this week.  I can picture myself shmoozing with Nester Smith and Tsh Oxenreider (though, she might be a little buzy since she’s one of the speakers), blogging alongside other bloggy-minded women, laughing and crying and walking all over the Opryland Hotel.  Alas…it’s not to be this year.
  2. BlogHer has three conferences this year:  BlogHer, BlogHer Food, and BlogHer bet.  BlogHer Food is self-explanatory.  BlogHer bet (bet stands for Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology) is for women who have a business, are looking to start a business or want to use technology to further their business.  BlogHer expects  thousands–yes, you read that correctly, thousands–of attendees!!  This is a little scary to a first-time blog conferencee.  Maybe after I get a few under my belt, I’ll be brave enough to attend one of these.
  3. The Relevant Conference is in October.  While it’s later in the year allowing me to plan better, they (wisely) limit the number of attendees and registration starts on March 1st.  I’m betting this amazing conference will sell out fast.  I don’t know that we’ll have the money by then.  I also don’t know anyone going and so have no one with which to share a $190-a-night room for two or three nights.  Maybe I can talk my best friend into going.  That would be great!

So, I’ll be living vicariously through Nester, Tsh and any of my other favorite bloggers who’ll be rubbing elbows with each other and blogging about it.




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