Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl!

My Sweet Girl,

You are 13 today.  Wow!  Only five years from 18…how the time flies.

You’ve grown so much over the last year…

  • you’re almost as tall as me.
  • you steal borrow my clothes now, but your feet are too big to borrow my shoes.
  • you finally got those mean old tonsils and adenoids removed!

  • you help me by making dinner and are great at it…my little foodie!

  • your entrepreneurial side has become evident–you get it honestly.
  • you’ve learned a lot as a Girl Scout and have taken on leadership.

  • you are smart; don’t ever think otherwise.  You are doing great in your schoolwork this year.  Grow that Science brain!
  • you are a great friend who loves at all times.
  • you have wisdom beyond your years.

I look forward to this year…watching you grow and learn and mature.  Every year of your life has been wonderful to be a part of.  I thank God for the blessing of you!

Love and Blessings,




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5 responses to “Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl!

  1. michael

    Still my baby girl though

  2. That’s very sweet. My oldest son is slightly older and yes, they grow so quickly.

  3. abbby

    megan is awsome and she is one of my graetest friends

  4. Count your blessings on her not fitting your shoes! In my house, I think someone fits everything. My only recourse is my girls (usually) think I have no taste. But it is fun–enjoy!

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