Project: Simplify hosted by SimpleMom

I discovered last week that one of my favorite bloggers is hosting Project: Simplify in order to help us declutter. I started working outside the home about a month ago.  While it’s been quite a transition for me, my family seems to be dealing with it just fine.  Hmm…I’m not sure what to think of that.  Anyway…though I’m getting a late start in this decluttering party, it’s never too late because it’s an on-going task in my home.

My husband and teens have been great at picking up the slack so I can rest when I get home after 6-8 hours on my feet.  (I’m back in retail at one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby.)  But there are minor/major projects I have in mind that my sweet hubby can’t really tackle without me, though he might like to, because I’m a bit OCD about him touching my stuff.  He’s tossed out too many things I wanted.

Tsh’s weekly project ideas seem manageable for me and my schedule. This week’s hot spot is kids’ toys and clothes.  My teens don’t have lots of toys like they used to; they have clothes, schoolwork, art & craft projects, instruments and electronics.   They could definitely use help sorting, organizing and donating their stuff.  I plan to get boxes labeled and get my family started so that when I’m at work, they can be “at work” on decluttering.

Get over to Project: Simplify to start from the beginning or you can go to this week’s Hot Spot and jump right in.

Happy Decluttering!


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  1. Boy, I could use a project like this one too. Will check it out after Memorial Day weekend.

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