How to Make Butter

A friend of mine, who is a crazy ingredient label-reader like me, recently told me she made butter.  I was immediately intrigued by this because I’ve been using real butter almost everyday for several years now. 

I used to only use it for baking (there really is no substitute).  But when I began learning more about what is in our so-called “healthy” margarine, I switched my family to real, unsalted butter completely.  I used a vegan margarine a few times that was pretty healthy, but now I only purchase butter. 

I usually keep one stick in a covered container so it’s soft for toast, etc.  It will not mold as long as you keep it at the same temperature.  Do not go between fridge and room temperature or it will mold.  It will also go bad if you don’t use it often enough.

I usually have one or two pounds of butter on hand.  So we go through it too fast to waste any.  My mother-in-law, who I truly adore, had some go bad and it smelled like strong blue cheese.  Don’t get me wrong; I like blue cheese.  Just not blue-cheese smelling butter.

This morning, I was being a bad girl playing hooky from church.  Tsk, tsk, tsk…(head shaking).  So, I thought I’d do something domestic.  My hubby got it started for me, but I finished it.

Below are the after photos.  I didn’t want to stop too long to take pictures since this was my first time.  I was unsure what would happen.  I will, however, make some more butter soon and be sure to take photos of each step.

What you will need:
•Any amount of heavy whipping cream (I use organic, but you don’t have to.)
•A blender bottle (remove the metal ball) or jar with a lid
•Sea Salt (this is optional)

Pour the cream into your bottle or jar.  Be sure the lid is on tight so there is no leaking. 

Start shaking and keep shaking.  Then shake some more.  Shake it to the left. Shake it to the right.  Come on, baby, you know what I like.…  I’m sorry, I got carried away.

Your arms will get a workout.  This might be how the Shake Weight came about. 

I checked it a few times to see how it was coming along.  It will turn into whipped cream first.  Keep shaking. 

Then it starts to look curdled.  It won’t be long now.  Keep shaking.

All of a sudden, you’ll feel and hear a difference.  Open it up.  You should see the solid part (butter) and the white liquid (buttermilk) separated. 

Pour off the buttermilk into a container.  You can save this for making pancakes or biscuits or cornbread…. 


Use a spoon or spatula to sqeeze out as much of the remaining buttermilk as you can.  I continually worked at kneading the butter and pouring off the liquid.  This will help it last longer, though that’s just a few days or a week in our house.


At this point, you can mix in some sea salt if you so desire.  Season it to taste, but err on the side of less is more.  If you plan on using it for baking, do not add salt.  This will make your baked goods too salty. 

Put your butter in a container with a lid.  If you want it to stay soft, store it in your pantry or cabinet. 


Unless you have one of those cool butter dishes where you put your butter in the lid then store it in a crock filled with water.  Those things are neat.  And very French.  I like French things.

Enjoy your fresh made butter and impress your family and friends!

Note:  You can visit this blog, Food Renegade, to learn how to make butter using a blender or food processor.  I just found this blog today and already enjoy its content.  Plus, I love the name.



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  1. awesome thanks 4 shareing techneic i also only use 100%butter have u noticed im not english major ? 🙂

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