New Year’s Eve Sleepover

My sweet girl wanted to ring in the new year with her friends so we decided to make it a sleepover. This was a last minute decision, but it turned out successfully.

She and I love to entertain and go all out for parties: birthdays, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s, Flag Day. Any reason, really, to have people over and decorate.

We attended a company luncheon at my husband’s office so we were running short on time. We stopped at Hobby Lobby, decided on a color scheme and bought just a few items: curling ribbon, plates, napkins, and two sheets of matching glitter paper.

If money were no object, I could easily go overboard for every function. Thank the Holy Spirit for keeping me in check!

My sweet girl and my hubby (her sweet daddy) helped her decorate the table and the little tree in our dining room.  I’m so glad he willingly helps with a joyful heart whenever I ask.  I need to work on that trait.  (My sweet boy was waiting for dad to take him to his first New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s house.  We have spent almost every New Year’s Eve together as a family since they were born.)

Don’t you like how my decorations match our ribbon and plates?!  I did that on purpose.  I’ve really been working on this “use what you have” decorating this Christmas since finances have been extremely limited.  I was excited to remember I had these light blue and silver ornaments.  And those chargers were a great deal at Michael’s on December 1st. They were 99 cents each! I’ve wanted chargers for years now.

On the way home, I decided to surprise my sweet girl and let her make cupcakes.  We love cupcakes and they are the perfect, easy “cake” to have at a party.  We found blue food coloring and pearlescent silver candies among our cake decorating supplies.  I made these cake toppers with my stamping supplies.  I thought the stamp reading “the best is yet to be” was perfect for friends ringing in the new year.

The last item I was determined to make was a big 2013 with the glitter paper.  After searching for number templates online, figuring out how to create and print a mirror image in Word, tracing, cutting and taping–two hours later–success!  I took several photos, but this one with natural light from this morning is my favorite.  (Plus, you can’t see the tape as easily.)

The girls had fun…ate lots of sugar, talked, laughed, watched movies, stayed up late, woke up early, got all decked out in their blinged-out jeans and went shopping.  So far…a great start to the new year!

Thank you, God, for the creative gifts you’ve given me that allow me to save my husband’s hard-earned money and create an event others enjoy.

Here’s to you in 2013!  Wishing you many blessings!!


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January 1, 2013 · 10:54 am

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