Hey there!  My name is Melanie.  You can call me Mel.

My family is made up of myself, my husband, my mom, my son and my daughter.  I will refer to my family with the following names since I don’t like to give their real names on my blog:  Husband, G-ma, Sweet Boy and Baby Girl.

My husband started the pet names we have for one another, Husband and Wife, after he read John Adams by David McCullough.  This is how John Adams (our second President) and his wife, Abigail, referred to each other.  He found it quite endearing.  Although, the first time he called me Wife, I gave him the look.  You know the one:  head slightly tilted with one eyebrow raised.  Once he explained, I found it sweet and romantic.

G-ma is the term my kids began using for my mom.  They have three grandmothers and this is unique to her.  My son has been Sweet Boy since he was born in 1996.  My daughter has been Baby Girl (or Sweet Girl, sometimes) since she was born in 1998.  They will always be my Sweet Boy and Baby Girl no matter their age.

We also have three pets–a Shih-Tzu, named Harley and two cats, named Rocket and Bootsie–who add to the craziness of our household.

I started The Eclectic Woman as a way to share my heart and mind with other women.  I have wide and varied interests, like many of us.  I also have many things bouncing around in my overactive brain:  insights, dreams, worries, fears, successes, failures, goals, hopes, etc.  Blogging helps me get it out.

My hope and prayer is that you find something useful, helpful, funny, inspiring….  If you have something to share in kind, please do so.




2 responses to “About

  1. Crystal Malek

    Haha! I told my hubby I’d only swap him for Rob as Edward, not Rob as Rob. So the odds of that happening are pretty impossible. But for you, he just may get lost and happen to knock on your door for directions. When he does, make sure to post some pics!

    Oh, and congrats on the long marriage. We’ll celebrate 12 years in October, and you’re right, the good ones are a rare breed indeed.

  2. Chrissy

    I’m with you sister on the whole kids terrorize Mom and takes this out on Dad. I got one of those great guys and it makes the tough times easier and the good times better. I love your blog site. Keep writing!

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