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It’s My Facebook and I’ll post What I Want To…

I just have to share this story and make a PSA.

Angry “friends” send letter

These “friends” need to just Unfollow or Unfriend so they don’t get all the unwanted updates.  Why obsess and get angry over what someone else posts on THEIR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE??!!  This boggles the mind!

It’s just another example of people who think the world revolves around them and the rest of us need to placate them.  I think not!

In case you’ve been worried about this, or maybe didn’t know, when you unfollow someone, they don’t know.

If you unfriend them, they still won’t know unless…gasp…you pop up on their “People You Might Know” list.  Embarrassing?  Maybe.  Life-shattering?  Not so much.  There’s no banner or pop-up or instant text alert letting them know who unfollowed/unfriended/unliked them.

There are no Facebook tattle-tells waiting to rat you out because you’ve had it with the bazillionth video post about cute cats or the I-started-a-new-business-won’t-you-have-a-party/order-from-me/help-me-become-a-millionaire posts or the I-went-to-Fiji-again-and-you-didn’t posts from your old high school never-was-a-friend-anyway friend.

If they ask you about it directly…as in, face-to-face or maybe by email, THEN you can tell them you were getting overwhelmed/annoyed by all their darling children posts or political posts or “aren’t these cats/dogs/giraffes/iguanas…the cutest??!!” posts (ahem…not that I ever do that).

It’s called boundaries, people.  Say it with me, “Bound-a-ries.”  It’s okay to have them and exercise them.  Alas, most people don’t because they don’t know how.

The simplest way to sum up boundaries is to tell you it’s okay to say “No” if your heart says no or “Yes” if yes.  Or “Maybe.”  Or “I need to think/pray about it.”  Or “You’re making me feel uncomfortable standing so close to me.”  You get the idea?

Be respectful and share your heart or mind with honesty.  Not brutal honesty, as in “we’re sick of all your posts about your kid!”  Being “brutally honest” is just an excuse to vent and rage at others.  How about we try being gracefully honest?

Incidentally, I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes no apologies for my faith.  I believe His word in its entirety.  I’m a pretty far right Conservative Republican bordering on Libertarian.  I also attempt to love and respect those who disagree with me to the best of my ability in whatever situation that may be and really try not to judge.

That doesn’t mean I won’t tell you why I disagree if asked.  If we can’t see eye-to-eye, it’s okay.  We can just agree to disagree respectfully.  If we can’t, that’s okay, too.  I’ll thank you for your opinion and move on.

If anything I share annoys or offends you, feel free to unfollow or unfriend me.  I won’t lose any sleep over it and neither should you.




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Project: Simplify hosted by SimpleMom

I discovered last week that one of my favorite bloggers is hosting Project: Simplify in order to help us declutter. I started working outside the home about a month ago.  While it’s been quite a transition for me, my family seems to be dealing with it just fine.  Hmm…I’m not sure what to think of that.  Anyway…though I’m getting a late start in this decluttering party, it’s never too late because it’s an on-going task in my home.

My husband and teens have been great at picking up the slack so I can rest when I get home after 6-8 hours on my feet.  (I’m back in retail at one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby.)  But there are minor/major projects I have in mind that my sweet hubby can’t really tackle without me, though he might like to, because I’m a bit OCD about him touching my stuff.  He’s tossed out too many things I wanted.

Tsh’s weekly project ideas seem manageable for me and my schedule. This week’s hot spot is kids’ toys and clothes.  My teens don’t have lots of toys like they used to; they have clothes, schoolwork, art & craft projects, instruments and electronics.   They could definitely use help sorting, organizing and donating their stuff.  I plan to get boxes labeled and get my family started so that when I’m at work, they can be “at work” on decluttering.

Get over to Project: Simplify to start from the beginning or you can go to this week’s Hot Spot and jump right in.

Happy Decluttering!

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Snow Week

I have been a bad blogger. I haven’t posted anything in two weeks!

First, we were busy with birthday party activities the last weekend of January for my daughter who turned 13.  She had a sleepover with four other 12-13 year old girls.  That says it all.  No, they were a good group of girls.  Though, I wasn’t happy to be awakened at 4:30 in the morning by their laughing and talking.

Then it was back to the school week with Science and Spanish classes and school at home.  We also had Girl Scouts and went grocery shopping before the ice storm hit.

I prepared this post in the hopes of sharing our snow day that stretched into a week, but my internet service was traveling at a snail’s pace.  It took several minutes to upload a photo and then save my draft.  I gave up and decided to wait til the snow and ice went away.

I was lamenting to my husband how the weather could affect the internet.  That’s when he reminded me everyone was at home like us and probably surfing the web.  This is when I wished everyone would go back to work.  Selfish, I know.

Now I’m back and thought I’d start some pictures. My sweet boy (I’m not supposed to call him that anymore. Shh, don’t tell!) enjoys shoveling snow so that’s the first thing he did Tuesday morning.

He also made a foxhole for himself and then…what a sweet brother!…he built one for his sister.  I’m sure he was imagining lobbing snowballs at her.

My baby girl immediately went to make a snow angel and came inside covered in snow.  She wore several layers so every time she came inside she peeled off another layer.  There was water everywhere most of the day.

They built a miniature snowman on our patio table.  As you can see, several of my spoons and plastic bowls were out in the yard.

We had been iced and snowed in for three days and got more that Friday.  Me and the kids loved it!  The hubby…not so much.

He decided to attempt a trip to the gym since he hadn’t gone all week.  It was snowing hard for an hour or more.  So I feared we might not see him until it  melted.  However, being a native of Indiana, we know how to drive in snow and ice–slow and carefully, he made it home in time for lunch.

So we ventured out to eat and to get some more groceries for Super Bowl Sunday.  A usually 20 minute trip to Walmart took 30-40 minutes in this.

Yes, that is ice.  We seemed to be the rare few who were taking it easy on the roads.  More than a few people were flying by us and a couple ended up in the ditch.  We didn’t feel sorry for them.  Though I did pray they would have wisdom when driving in the snow and that they had no severe injuries.

What’s that round, glowing, white orb in the sky?  Could it be, the sun?!

The sun came out the next day though it was frigidly cold.  It all began melting Sunday, just in time for fans to get to Cowboys Stadium.

I hope you all had a fun week, whether you got to have a few snow days or not.




February 10, 2011 · 6:55 pm

No Meats, Sweets or Soda for 21 Days…9 Days In

So, I’m back on my vegetarian diet and trying to eat gluten free, as an experiment–which I’m sure I’ll write about at some point this year.  I’ve also been avoiding sweets and soda.

Why is it so hard to quit soda? I am addicted to it, mostly Dr. Pepper.  Then Coke started to become my nemesis while I tried to avoid the evil Doctor.  I know it’s not just the sugar, it’s the caffeine.  That’s a huge part of it.  I also don’t like how I feel when I go without; I get major headaches.  I can go without sweets without too much withdrawal, but soda?  Forgeddaboudit!

To borrow a phrase from Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin in their book Skinny Bitch:  “Sugar is the Devil.” So, let’s apply some logic.  (Being a homeschooling mom, I can’t pass up the chance to teach you something.)

  • Sugar is the Devil.
  • Soda is made with sugar.
  • Therefore, soda is the Devil.

So, why am I doing this for 21 days? For two separate reasons, one of which I’ll share.  I am always craving something sweet and I want to be free of the “need” to eat sugar.

To make it doubly hard right now, my daughter’s birthday is next week and I have to try a tiny bit of her cake.  It’s also Girl Scout cookie season and my sweet girl is a Girl Scout.  Lemonades, Thin Mints, and Thanks-A-Lots are my weakness.

I fell off the wagon and ate two.  Cookies, not boxes.  I guess that means I have to start over.

*Note:  Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc. and Coca-Cola Company, please don’t sue me for libel.  I still love you.


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Post a Day in 2011

I’m posting once a day in 2011. A friend recently invited me to attend a week-long fiction writing class that starts in February.  In her words, she thinks I “would be great!” and that makes me feel good.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for professionals to critique my writing.

I realize some of you may be professional bloggers and may leave comments critiquing my writing, but it’s a whole different ball of wax to pay someone to do that.  I’m not ready for that kind of rejection right now.  I can’t delete them at will if they shred my work.

Posting once a day is quite a challenge that I am ready to take. Once a week for me is too easy.  I’ve been doing that semi-regularly.  Daily has always been my goal and now I’m acting on it.

I know a few of you, who read regularly, may be feeling skeptical because I’ve been so sporadic for the longest time.  Well, I need to do something for me and this is it.  I hope you will be a source of encouragement along the way.  Let me know what you like.  Those of you who are new, I would like your input as well, but always be respectful or I’ll zap you from my blogging world.

This will surely be interesting, challenging, encouraging, educational, and, hopefully, funny. I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post which has a community of bloggers with similar goals to support and encourage one another.

Writing has always been emotional, yet also a great stress-reliever…like a best friend.  One who doesn’t judge, yet is always black and white.  One who allows me to be brief or go on and on.  To yell or laugh; to curse or bless.



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Best Mommy Blogs

Since it’s Friday…it’s been Friday officially for 43 minutes now and my eyelids are half open, but, by golly, I’m gonna finish this post on time…I’m declaring it “Best of” post day.  I love Friday; doesn’t everybody?!  It gets me excited about the weekend and all the possibilities it holds.

In my first post, I promised to bring the best of various topics.  This week’s feature is my favorite mommy bloggers.  A couple are friends from church who inspired me to start my own blog.  The rest I have yet to meet, but would love to at a Blogher or Blissdom conference or some other such event.

These women have inspired me in my blogging efforts in various ways.  Nearly every one has a unique sense of humor that clearly shows in their writing.  Most of them have wonderfully practical ideas on money management, decorating on a budget and feeding cows (okay, maybe not practical for most of us, but oh so fun to read).  I have not ranked them in any particular order because I love them all!

These two may not be as popular as the others I’ve described below, but they inspired me to start my own blog almost three years ago.  Wow!  I cannot believe it’s been that long.  They mostly exist to keep friends and family up-to-date on their happenings, but they also offer a chuckle, advice, and inspiration.

These blogs are popular and see lots of traffic.  Maybe you recognize them.  If you don’t, get over there now to see why.

  • Simple Mom Tsh’s tag line (yes, that’s how her name is spelled) is “Live simply, stay sane.  Life hacks for home managers.”  It’s a perfect description of what she offers on her site.  There are numerous topics to peruse.  I love her online book club; she started it last year.  I can’t wait to start this year’s reading.
  • Nesting Place The Nester’s trademark is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  She has inspired me in my decorating endeavors, especially living in a rental home.  We shares loads of experience in that area, but she has done a much better job of putting her own personal touch into each place she and her family have lived.  My family and I will be moving again, to another rental, but I have Nester as my winggirl to get me through.
  • The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is nationally known and recognized, and recently published a cookbook (which you’ll find on her site).  She considers herself an accidental country girl and shares her thoughts on a variety of topics from homeschooling to ranching cattle.  I wanna be her when I grow up!

There are many more blogs I have visited and enjoy reading, but I cannot list them all.  The ones I have named above I visit regularly.  Please share your favorite blogs in the comments section.  I love finding new sites to visit for encouragement, inspiration and laughter (especially the kind that makes me laugh so hard I choke on my spit.)

*Note:  I know there are some great daddy blogs out there as well, but for now I’m focusing on the mommies.  Stay tuned for the Best Daddy Blogs.

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Christmastime is Here!

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