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Snow Week

I have been a bad blogger. I haven’t posted anything in two weeks!

First, we were busy with birthday party activities the last weekend of January for my daughter who turned 13.  She had a sleepover with four other 12-13 year old girls.  That says it all.  No, they were a good group of girls.  Though, I wasn’t happy to be awakened at 4:30 in the morning by their laughing and talking.

Then it was back to the school week with Science and Spanish classes and school at home.  We also had Girl Scouts and went grocery shopping before the ice storm hit.

I prepared this post in the hopes of sharing our snow day that stretched into a week, but my internet service was traveling at a snail’s pace.  It took several minutes to upload a photo and then save my draft.  I gave up and decided to wait til the snow and ice went away.

I was lamenting to my husband how the weather could affect the internet.  That’s when he reminded me everyone was at home like us and probably surfing the web.  This is when I wished everyone would go back to work.  Selfish, I know.

Now I’m back and thought I’d start some pictures. My sweet boy (I’m not supposed to call him that anymore. Shh, don’t tell!) enjoys shoveling snow so that’s the first thing he did Tuesday morning.

He also made a foxhole for himself and then…what a sweet brother!…he built one for his sister.  I’m sure he was imagining lobbing snowballs at her.

My baby girl immediately went to make a snow angel and came inside covered in snow.  She wore several layers so every time she came inside she peeled off another layer.  There was water everywhere most of the day.

They built a miniature snowman on our patio table.  As you can see, several of my spoons and plastic bowls were out in the yard.

We had been iced and snowed in for three days and got more that Friday.  Me and the kids loved it!  The hubby…not so much.

He decided to attempt a trip to the gym since he hadn’t gone all week.  It was snowing hard for an hour or more.  So I feared we might not see him until it  melted.  However, being a native of Indiana, we know how to drive in snow and ice–slow and carefully, he made it home in time for lunch.

So we ventured out to eat and to get some more groceries for Super Bowl Sunday.  A usually 20 minute trip to Walmart took 30-40 minutes in this.

Yes, that is ice.  We seemed to be the rare few who were taking it easy on the roads.  More than a few people were flying by us and a couple ended up in the ditch.  We didn’t feel sorry for them.  Though I did pray they would have wisdom when driving in the snow and that they had no severe injuries.

What’s that round, glowing, white orb in the sky?  Could it be, the sun?!

The sun came out the next day though it was frigidly cold.  It all began melting Sunday, just in time for fans to get to Cowboys Stadium.

I hope you all had a fun week, whether you got to have a few snow days or not.





February 10, 2011 · 6:55 pm